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World Cafe will be broadcasting this session on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015.

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Jean Luc Ponty Interview at Music Street Journal

We met in the early 80s and talked about collaborating on a project some day. Thirty years later we crossed paths again and decided to do it. It felt so good when we started working on the music that I told Jon it was too bad we did not do it sooner. Jon replied “better late than never.” We had not finished the album but had already found its title.
— Jean Luc Ponty

Jon Anderson Interviewed by Maximum Ink

When I spoke to Jean-Luc last year, I said I’d been writing a couple of songs on top of your music, I’ll send them to you, and hope you like them. That was the energy we started off [with]. For two or three months last year we actually wrote a couple new songs, and we had these ideas of getting together and performing as band. He had great musicians with him. So, I went to Aspen and met with him, and it was like meeting my musical brother. I’ve been talking to him on and off [for] six months. We have a very strong relationship, and feel we’re embarking on a project that’s very, very, interesting.
— Jon Anderson